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Forest Monsters

Mosquito 200x200.gif


Special Skill: Pest - Heal 1 wound after 3 turns

Cannon Fodder 200x200.gif

Cannon Fodder

Special Skill: Flocking - Summon another Cannon Fodder at 3 stacks

Rat 200x200.gif


Special Skill: Defense - apply 5 defense to all monsters

Beetle Weasel 200x200.gif

Beetle Weasel

Special Skill: Battle Fury - Does heavy attack at 3 stacks

Moth 200x200.gif


Special Skill: Drowsy - reduce Resolve Regen by 1 per stack

SluggardA 200x200.gif


Special Skill: Reflect - Reflect half the damage to attacker

SluggardB 200x200.gif


Special Skill: Reactive Skin - Gain 2 defense block is broken

SluggardC 200x200.gif


Special Skill: Rage - Add 3 damage to all the attacks

Tailtapper 200x200.gif

Tail Tapper

Special Skills:
Chop - Clean debuffs
Dam - Increase Regeneration by 1

Shellrider 200x200.gif

Shell Rider

Special Skills:
Shell - Increase Regeneration to 5
High Noon - Increase damage by 25% but Regeneration is decreased to 1

Racoon 200x200.gif

Racoon Moose (Boss)

Special Skills:
Gain Fire attacks at low hp
Summon Rat to the fight

Hypnozard 250x200.gif

Hypnozard (Boss)

Special Skills:
Exhaust dice sides
Gets stronger with the number of exhausted dice

Ghost Monsters